Saturday, October 25 at 19.00 at Smålandsgården in Öreserum. An opportunity for joy and encouragement. Award ceremony, food and entertainment. A crazy party to raise money for the World’s Children. In the fb group “GrevskapsGala” you can follow what is happening in the planning, where, when and how. Join us and invite your friends and colleagues. You are welcome.

In previous years, we in Grevskapet have collected over 150,000 SEK for Världens Barn – the money goes to clean water, homes and education. Our goal this year is to raise at least as much, and preferably more, by joining forces from different activities. This is where you come in. By purchasing a sponsorship package for the Count’s Gala, you are making a major contribution to achieving our goal. So get involved for a good cause.

Plus, you get a wonderfully crazy party night with good food, entertainment and dancing!