A different kind of crazy gala for encouragement and joy with proceeds going to the World’s Children. The evening’s theme was imbued with a sense of the American South. Guests were welcomed to ‘Luciana’. This year, for the fifth consecutive year, the Count’s Gala took place at Smålandsgården with the aim of spreading the festivities to the whole county. “The theme made us correct the gala and add a different ending,” says Elisabeth Magnusson, one of the organizers. The Count’s Gala has previously taken place at Ribbagården (now Grenna Hotel) and 4 years in a row at Gyllene Uttern. Smålandsgården was taken over by Tamara and Joakim Lorentzon just over a year ago, who have built up the business to become an active place for both local residents and long-distance guests. poster

The guests were welcomed by a pleasant atmosphere with bales of hay piled high and lovely autumnal aromas from the grill. Chef Peter Ottosson offered a pre-drink Alabama Slammer & snacks from Hugos – Cajun style. Then the Luciana Buffet was served consisting of Jambalaya, Gumbo, Chicken ram stick, Barbecue ribs, Chili paste with shrimp & lime, sweet potato mash, grilled corn on the cob and fried green tomatoes… For dessert, Southern Comfort Pecan Pie was served.

The Sheriff, Hans Lugn, awarded the following prizes with pomp and circumstance:

Entrepreneur of the Year 2014 in Gränna sophia

Share Music

Sophia Alexandersson and your Share Music Sweden show an ability far beyond the ordinary, creating together with world musicians live music that in various forms is a delight to many around the world. We don’t really know how good and famous you are! The fact that you chose Gränna as your headquarters is a real bonus for us. Good luck in your future endeavors.


Entrepreneur of the Year 2014 on Visingsö playground


With vision and ideas, the company has developed and by offering excellent service and cooperation with local businesses, they have promoted Visingsö in an exemplary way. The company has created jobs for young people and promotes a vibrant countryside. The company shows an entrepreneurial spirit that is so important for the future of Visingsö.

Gränna resident of the year 2014 callew

Carl Wisborg

For his never-ending dedication, his infectious positive personality and skill, he attracts many national and international celebrities to the area and thus carves the concept of Gränna in the minds of the people for the benefit of all of us who live our daily lives here. Thank you Calle!

Visingsöbo of the year 2014

Susanne Svensson susans

A person who works voluntarily and with great commitment to the development of Visingsö. This person is passionate about a more vibrant business community and creating conditions for year-round operations. A person who fights for the future of Visingsö.


In the evening, the group Jump 4 Joy entertained the audience.

Closing the evening’s tribute to Polar Prize winner Chuck Berry – local stars Eric Morau, Elisabeth Magnusson and Calle Wisborg.

By Pen and Photographer

Caisa Björndal

Initiator and organizer of CountessGalet 2014


bjorndal@caisa.nu county madness