Summary after City Group meeting 3/3-2023

  • GAIS provides summer parking on the gravel field. Lisen checks with Erling if we need to seek any permits for this.
  • Discussion about what we want to do with the sidewalk on Brahegatan this year. Should we broaden it like last year? We ask around and make suggestions/opinions to those responsible at Jönköping municipality.
  • We continue to lie to Jönköping municipality about bike racks that we can’t seem to get rid of.
  • Information from Jönköping municipality that they are organizing spring flowers this year but then the flowers are gone. during the rest of the year. Lisen has emailed the municipality if they leave the pots on the square so we can plant ourselves and if we can instead get the money for the spring flowers and thus plant perennial plants with the help of Ebe plant (which lasts over spring and summer). Watering of pots will have to be handled by ourselves.

  • Easter market on April 1
    more like an Easter shopping day with local shops.
    – Opening hours 10-17 (those who can)
    – Lisen creates an event on facebook and feeds information as it happens (you can send it over if there is something special you want to include).
    – We organize an egg hunt by placing eggs in shop windows, Karin Sjögren makes a competition stall. All participants get a candy bar, we also have 1st, 2nd and 3rd prize that the shops can sponsor.
    – We have two costumes for people to wear on the streets and wish them a happy Easter. They may also distribute egg hunt and Easter candy or similar leaflets.
  • We will try to create a calendar sheet for this year’s events. See also the updated calendar on the website: Please let Karin Sjögren in the board of the business association know if you have an event you want to post:
  • Reminds again that you can add your own events to the Destination’s event calendar, you can do so here: or by emailing Sofia Allard at
  • Next meeting scheduled for 24/3 at 8:00 at Fackhandelsdata. It will be brought forward in view of the Easter trading day.

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