Summary of the breakfast meeting with the City Group 24/3:

  • Thoughts on barriers to widen the sidewalk – One suggestion is to only put barriers along the square (from the north from the parking sign at Polkaprinsen to the handicap parking at Damella) so that it does not become too crowded. If so, we only want it in weeks 26-32.
  • The Easter shopping day is coordinated with Hallska Farm’s spring market on 1/4. Paper eggs will be distributed to some shops and cafes over the next week along with tokens for participants. All children who hand in a completed slip at a cookhouse receive a lollipop. Catrin has mascot costumes, we need children/young people who want to walk around with these and distribute talons and spread a wonderful atmosphere.
  • We have dropped the idea of a calendar of events as it is difficult to have a static calendar for changes/cancelled events etc. Instead, we focus on the one on the website and make sure it is updated and disseminated. Karin Sjögren provides a QR code that links directly to the site, which can be displayed in shops and cities. We also need a co-administrator from the City Group to help organize the events. Have a look at the calendar:
  • There is a toolbox developed by the destination with, among other things, images to download if you need them for events etc.:
  • Polka dots day on 20 April – a joint event? The issue was raised and discussed further. It’s also good to contact the media for more publicity so it gets noticed. Important this year in terms of origin marking.

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