Activity report for 2022

Activity report for 2022


In 2022, the Board has consisted of the following members:

Chairman Bo Segersson, Vice Chairman Cecilia Andersson, Secretary Henrik Berggren, Treasurer Jörgen Folkesson, other members Liselott Jarkman, Cecilia Hakeberg and Karin Sjögren.

Alternate Nathalie Carling.

Co-opted: Sven Rydell (Head of Industry and Commerce, Municipality of Jönköping).


So finally, the pandemic has released its grip and we have been able to return to more normal operations. The Board’s work has been constructive and inspiring. During the year, the Board held eight physical meetings.


During the year, there were 57 members, of which 48 were full members, 4 were associations and 7 were supporters.


Like Champagne, Äkta Gränna Polkagrisar now has a protected geographical indication after many years of intensive work in the Polkagris group. All local bakers can now stand tall and feel proud of their craft and profession. The incident had a major media impact.


During the year, GNF’s establishment group continued to work on proposals for a master plan for Gränna, where the focus has been on opening up land for new construction of housing, offices and infrastructure. The group has had continued dialog with project manager Stefan Lind for the master plans and Jönköping’s city architect Bengt Carlsson. The message the Establishment Group has conveyed to the municipality is the importance of the possibility of new construction of more homes and businesses and that a new road/street is built from the southern entrance down to the harbor. Moving the current industrial area up to Jorstorp is also part of the plan. The establishment group has had and will continue to have a dialog/meetings with the municipality’s project manager for the master plan. The group consisted of Anders Roman, Mattias Carlsson, Daniel Alm, Henrik Johansson and Bo Segersson.


During the Ascension weekend, the first real event Mat runt Gränna took place.

Around 30 participants opened their businesses to the public.

The evaluation was very positive from both participants and visitors. Mat runt Gränna, which is a concept with various events, has been financed with participation fees of SEK 33 500 and a grant from the municipality of SEK 163 000. Gränna Näringslivsförening owns the concept and contributes with administration and bookkeeping. In December, Cecilia Hakeberg was elected as the new project manager.



The member group in Gränna näringsliv took a new approach to the association’s autumn meeting and organized a party at Gyllene Uttern. Great company, good food and drink and a turn on the dance floor sum up this pleasant evening that will return in October 2023.


After several years of work to acquire a new Christmas light for Gränna city, a first step has now been completed. The square along Brahegatan has been fitted with a new Christmas lighting installation created exclusively for Gränna. Gränna Näringslivsförening and the municipality have shared the cost, with Gränna Näringslivsförening contributing SEK 50,000.


This year’s Christmas display on 4 December, organized by the city group, was highly appreciated. The town was filled with visitors and people from Gränna shopping for local delicacies, crafts, lottery tickets and other Christmas items. There were many satisfied visitors and exhibitors.

Bo Segersson

Gränna 2023-02-20


Successful Autumn Festival 2022

Successful Autumn Festival 2022

Many thanks Cecilia, Liselott and Annalil for a great and successful Autumn Festival. Well done, it felt like everyone was enjoying themselves and having fun.
Good food, nice company, fun competition and good moves on the dance floor. 😊

Nice to meet and mingle with our members.

“Intimate cozy autumn party. Sore feet today after all the dancing 💃, but a little sore head too. But it’s worth it😉😃”
Said by kalaspingla

Photo: Jana Julian

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Äkta Gränna Polkagrisar – is now a protected geographical indication.

Äkta Gränna Polkagrisar – is now a protected geographical indication.

Genuine Gränna
Polka dots

Yes, my God, this is great that just like champagne has a protected designation, we will also be able to boast this medal for tradition and quality with Äkta Gränna Polkagrisar (protected geographical indication).

From the very beginning, we (the candy cane group in the Gränna business association) were commissioned by the government via the Swedish Board of Agriculture to receive help from the household society in the county of Skaraborg. They sent two gentlemen, Odd Nygård and Svenerik Larsson, to help us apply. After more than four years of writing and waiting, it is ready .🍾How big this is is difficult to take in but in Ex Germany, Italy France it is a stamp of quality and local delicacies. Something people are looking for and really want. It will be great to be able to use this in our advertising. This will affect all the kitchens that put the stamp on their products, on their shelves, in their windows, in advertising, etc. It will also affect everyone around such as restaurants and hotels when people want to come here. It feels so good in my heart that all local bakers should be able to straighten their backs and feel proud of their craft and their profession. I think Amalia Eriksson would be very happy and satisfied with what she started and how we all managed our heritage. There are many people in this small town who, with their work with candy canes, have been a step towards this. So a big congratulations to everyone who in some way worked with Äkta Gränna Polkagrisar! This is a medal for the whole community.

Amalia initially made funeral, christening and wedding confectionery. She also started making a smaller version of candy canes in the form of small ‘pillows’. In order for her to have an income to survive, Amalia sought permission from the Magistrate in Gränna. On January 10, 1859, Amalia received permission with the statement:

Married in Grenna on January 10, 1859

Since the applicant, according to the presented priest’s certificate, has reached the age of majority and has committed the Lord’s Holy Communion and is in good health, the Magistrate finds, pursuant to § 12 1 mom. in Kongl. The Crafts Ordinance of December 22, 1846, no obstacle to the Applicant, as a means of livelihood here in the City with their own hands to engage in “Bakery management, variety of coarse and fine bread and the manufacture of so-called Polka dots”.

The then mayor of the town of Gränna, Carl Johan Wennberg, had to sign this letter of privilege, which enabled Amalia to make a full-time living by baking and selling candy canes. This was unusual, as the reform of business freedom for women and men did not come until 1864.

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Äkta Gränna Polkagrisar – for Polkagris artisans

Äkta Gränna Polkagrisar – for Polkagris artisans

To declare that you make “Äkta Gränna polkagrisar” and use the seal on your polkagris paper, you must:

  1. Go to and continue to Business, rules & controls.
  2. Select forms Select other areas – forms Scroll down to form “Notification of manufacture of a protected name LIVS 324 PDF
  3. Complete the form and save it to your computer.
  4. Send it to
  5. Now you are ready.

Environment and Health will call you and arrange a visit with you. Once they have approved you, it is time to contact the chairman of Gränna Näringslivsföreningen and tell them/apply to use the stamp.

Äkta Gränna Polkagrisar – press release

Äkta Gränna Polkagrisar – press release

Gränna 2022-06-21

Genuine Gränna Polka pigs get a protected designation of origin

The European Commission has decided to protect Äkta Gränna Polkagrisar through the EU quality scheme for protected designations of origin. The product is thus registered with a Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) for this unique product that has been made in Gränna since 1859.

“I am so very proud that we have finally received this label that ensures the quality of a historic product manufactured in Gränna. The production of Äkta Gränna Polkagrisar in Gränna is a cultural heritage of a unique product. When you buy a genuine candy cane, you should know that it is made by hand with the right ingredients in the old tradition. This geographical origin labeling ensures the quality of this historic product, which is only produced in Gränna,” says Catrin Kvist, local project manager at Gränna Närlingslivsförening.

An internationally renowned label for the food enthusiast

Gränna is one of Sweden’s biggest tourist destinations and most Swedes know where the real candy cane is made. For the conscious European, this label of origin is well known and a guarantee of a unique product well worth experiencing on site in Gränna.

“It’s fantastic that a decision has been taken at European level to label the origin of this unique product. The label is not as well known in Sweden as it is at the European level and we of course hope that this will further strengthen Gränna as a destination for tourists interested in food and solid craftsmanship of quality from all over the world”, says Bo Segersson, Chairman of Gränna Näringslivsförening.

Äkta Gränna Polkagrisar – a historic and unique product

For a product to be protected by the EU as a ‘Protected Geographical Indication (PGI)’, it must have a clear geographical origin.

Amalia Eriksson in Gränna started manufacturing the polka-dotted pig as early as 1859, having received approval from the Gränna magistrate on January 10, 1859 to start manufacturing and selling this product. Today, 163 years later, there are 13 active candy cane producers in Gränna making the product according to the original recipe and traditional craftsmanship.

Äkta Gränna Polkagrisar is made from sugar, water and vinegar boiled into a sugar mass. Next, Hotchkiss peppermint oil from America is added and then the color is added.

“This is really a recognition for all of us who produce this origin-labeled product in Gränna according to old traditions”, concludes Catrin Kvist.

The Polkagris group in Gränna Närlingslivsförening started working on an application already in 2017 to get the name Äkta Gränna Polkagrisar protected by the EU quality system at the Swedish Food Agency. After the application was submitted, an inspector from the Finnish Food Authority came to inspect and ensure the baking process. Now five years later, Äkta Gränna Polkagrisar has finally received this unique label along with only a few other products in Sweden.

Press contact:

Catrin Kvist
Project manager and polka-dot ice cream maker in Gränna
+46 (0) 720 88 69 89

Bo Segersson
Chairman Gränna Business Association
+46 (0) 703 39 65 65