Said about the balloon

Inauguration of the Rondell balloon 17 Nov 2012

Andrée’s polar expedition is amazing.

Last spring, BBC World News commissioned André images from the Grenna Museum Polar Center. For 24 hours they were shown on every news broadcast, with the name of the museum, around the world. This is unbeatable marketing!

At the end of the year, the international photo magazine FOAM publishes around 20 photos from the Andrée expedition. Another great promotion of the museum, Gränna and Jönköping municipality!

And we already know that next year there will be more events that will put the spotlight on the Andrée expedition …

It is probably the case that when you are too close, you may not realize the potential and greatness. But now a new attempt has been made to recall Andrée through the Balloonists – Calle Örnemark’s portal to Gränna. It is obvious that it would not succeed the first time, even Andrée had to make a second attempt. No, shame on those who give in, and closest to us we see the result. An airy and joyful work of art that even more clearly links Gränna to the balloon in general and to S A Andrée in particular!

Thank you for your initiative and commitment!

Håkan Jorikson

museum director

Grenna Museum – Andrée Expedition Polar Center