Gränna Näringslivsförening STADGAR Download pdf: GNF Stadgar

§ Article 1 Name and seat
The name of the association is Gränna Näringslivsförening. The association has its seat in Jönköping municipality, Jönköping county. The association is a non-profit organization.

§ Article 2 Purpose and activities
The purpose of the association is to promote and develop business in Gränna and the surrounding area for the benefit of the association’s members and their customers, residents and visitors. The association shall

◾stimulate business contacts and business cooperation

◾ facilitating the provision of a wide and varied range of products, services and facilities.

◾developing the knowledge and skills of members

◾spread awareness of Gränna and its surroundings through active marketing to promote visitor comfort and convenience.

◾Participate in events in collaboration with the municipality, associations and other stakeholders.

◾representing members in contacts with the municipality and other public bodies

◾ cooperate with other actors in the development of Gränna and its surroundings.

◾ participate as a partner or principal in different types of projects.

§ Article 3 Membership
Membership of the Association is open to

◾physical and legal person, running a business in Gränna and its surroundings.

◾an individual residing or working in Gränna and the surrounding area who sells products or services as a hobby.

◾ associations/organizations that organize cultural or other events for the benefit of the tourism industry

◾as a supporting member without voting rights, a private or public company/organization with activities or interests of importance to Gränna and the surrounding area.

Members must comply with the association’s statutes and decisions and contribute to the association’s objectives. Membership is approved by the Board.

§ Article 4 Annual meeting
It was decided according to the annual meeting minutes from 2013 that the annual meeting of Gränna Näringslivsförening should be held before the end of February.

1 Election of the chairman of the annual meeting

2 Notification of the Board’s election of the Secretary of the Annual Meeting

3 Election of minute taker

4 Whether the Annual General Meeting has been duly convened

5 Setting the agenda for the annual meeting

6 Annual Report of the Management Board

7 Auditors’ report

8 Adoption of the income statement and balance sheet

9 Discharge of the Board of Directors

10 Question on the remuneration of members of the Board of Directors

11 Determination of annual fees

12 Determining the number of members and alternates of the Board of Directors

13 Election of the Chair of the Management Board

14 Election of other Board members and alternates

15 Election of two auditors and one alternate auditor

16 Election of the Nomination Committee

17 Other business (received by the Board at least 4 weeks before the meeting)

Extraordinary annual meeting held

◾where the Board considers it necessary; or

◾when requested in writing by at least 70% of the members with voting rights.

Invitations to the annual meeting are issued, as decided by the Board, by advertising in the daily press or by e-mail or letter. Notice shall be given at least two weeks before the ordinary annual meeting and at least one week before the extraordinary annual meeting.

§ Article 5 Management Board
The affairs of the association are managed by a board. The Board consists of a minimum of 7 and a maximum of 11 members and a maximum of 6 alternates. Members and alternates are elected by the annual meeting to the number decided by the annual meeting. The composition of the board should reflect the activities of its members. The Chair is elected for one year, other members for two years and alternates for one year. At the first annual meeting, half of the members are elected for two years and half for one year. The board appoints the vice-chair, secretary and treasurer and allocates other duties among itself. The Board has the right to co-opt a member or any other person it deems appropriate to participate in the work of the Board. Co-opted members do not have decision-making rights. The Board also has the right to set up working groups as needed.

§ Article 6 Annual fee
Members pay an annual fee in the amount determined by the annual meeting.

§ 7 Financial year/annual accounts/auditing
The Association’s financial year is the calendar year. The Board shall submit the annual accounts (annual report, profit and loss account, balance sheet, minutes and other documents) to the auditors no later than one month before the annual general meeting. The auditors shall submit their report no later than two weeks before the Annual General Meeting. The report shall include a statement on the discharge of the Board of Directors.

§ Article 8 Withdrawal/Exclusion
Members may withdraw from the association at their own request. Failure to pay the annual fee is considered a request for withdrawal. A member who violates the Statutes or who manifestly harms the Association or works against its interests or objectives may be expelled from the Association by the Board. The decision to exclude shall be notified in writing. An excluded member may refer the question of exclusion to the annual meeting. Requests for the exclusion to be reviewed by the Annual General Meeting shall be notified to the Board within one month of the notification of the exclusion being sent to the member.

§ Article 9 Amendment of the Statutes/Dissolution
A decision to amend the statutes or to dissolve the association may be taken at the annual meeting by consensus of all members present and entitled to vote or at two consecutive annual meetings by at least a 2/3 majority at the second annual meeting. Each member – with the exception of a supporting member – has one vote. Voting by proxy is not possible. Upon dissolution of the association, the association’s assets shall be handed over to Grenna Hembygdsförening.