Our activities

From the statutes

The name of the association is Gränna Näringslivsförening. The association has its seat in Jönköping municipality, Jönköping county. The association is a non-profit organization.

§ Article 2 Purpose and activities

The purpose of the association is to promote and develop business in Gränna and the surrounding area for the benefit of the association’s members and their customers, residents and visitors. The association shall

  • stimulate business contacts and business cooperation
  • facilitate the creation of a wide and varied range of products, services and facilities
  • developing members’ knowledge and skills
  • spread awareness of Gränna and its surroundings through active marketing to promote the comfort and convenience of visitors.
  • participate in events in collaboration with the municipality, associations and other stakeholders.
  • representing members in contacts with the municipality and other public bodies
  • cooperate with other actors in the development of Gränna and its surroundings.
  • participate as a partner or principal in different types of projects.