Summary after the March 24th city council meeting

Summary after the March 24th city council meeting

Summary of the breakfast meeting with the City Group 24/3:

  • Thoughts on barriers to widen the sidewalk – One suggestion is to only put barriers along the square (from the north from the parking sign at Polkaprinsen to the handicap parking at Damella) so that it does not become too crowded. If so, we only want it in weeks 26-32.
  • The Easter shopping day is coordinated with Hallska Farm’s spring market on 1/4. Paper eggs will be distributed to some shops and cafes over the next week along with tokens for participants. All children who hand in a completed slip at a cookhouse receive a lollipop. Catrin has mascot costumes, we need children/young people who want to walk around with these and distribute talons and spread a wonderful atmosphere.
  • We have dropped the idea of a calendar of events as it is difficult to have a static calendar for changes/cancelled events etc. Instead, we focus on the one on the website and make sure it is updated and disseminated. Karin Sjögren provides a QR code that links directly to the site, which can be displayed in shops and cities. We also need a co-administrator from the City Group to help organize the events. Have a look at the calendar:
  • There is a toolbox developed by the destination with, among other things, images to download if you need them for events etc.:
  • Polka dots day on 20 April – a joint event? The issue was raised and discussed further. It’s also good to contact the media for more publicity so it gets noticed. Important this year in terms of origin marking.

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Summary of the March 3 City Group meeting

Summary of the March 3 City Group meeting

Summary after City Group meeting 3/3-2023

  • GAIS provides summer parking on the gravel field. Lisen checks with Erling if we need to seek any permits for this.
  • Discussion about what we want to do with the sidewalk on Brahegatan this year. Should we broaden it like last year? We ask around and make suggestions/opinions to those responsible at Jönköping municipality.
  • We continue to lie to Jönköping municipality about bike racks that we can’t seem to get rid of.
  • Information from Jönköping municipality that they are organizing spring flowers this year but then the flowers are gone. during the rest of the year. Lisen has emailed the municipality if they leave the pots on the square so we can plant ourselves and if we can instead get the money for the spring flowers and thus plant perennial plants with the help of Ebe plant (which lasts over spring and summer). Watering of pots will have to be handled by ourselves.

  • Easter market on April 1
    more like an Easter shopping day with local shops.
    – Opening hours 10-17 (those who can)
    – Lisen creates an event on facebook and feeds information as it happens (you can send it over if there is something special you want to include).
    – We organize an egg hunt by placing eggs in shop windows, Karin Sjögren makes a competition stall. All participants get a candy bar, we also have 1st, 2nd and 3rd prize that the shops can sponsor.
    – We have two costumes for people to wear on the streets and wish them a happy Easter. They may also distribute egg hunt and Easter candy or similar leaflets.
  • We will try to create a calendar sheet for this year’s events. See also the updated calendar on the website: Please let Karin Sjögren in the board of the business association know if you have an event you want to post:
  • Reminds again that you can add your own events to the Destination’s event calendar, you can do so here: or by emailing Sofia Allard at
  • Next meeting scheduled for 24/3 at 8:00 at Fackhandelsdata. It will be brought forward in view of the Easter trading day.

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Co-financing from Jönköping municipality completed

Co-financing from Jönköping municipality completed

During the week, we received a positive decision from Jönköping municipality on the partial financing of our project Mat runt Gränna.

It feels great that the business department sees the value of the project and wants to support it as part of promoting sustainable entrepreneurship and rural development.

In his decision, Sven Rydell, Head of Business Development in Jönköping Municipality, writes the following:
We believe that Mat runt Gränna has had a good start since it was launched in 2021 and there is great potential through continuity and purposeful commitment. The participants in Mat runt Gränna have the opportunity to develop and strengthen their concepts and collaborations through the network. The network has a wide range of expertise in different areas, which creates good conditions for the event in both the long and short term. Opportunities are created to coach each other, package their offers, strengthen their sustainability work, find new target groups and gain an expanded market, which creates long-term benefits and increased profitability for the suppliers.

Now the planning for this year’s event weekend 18-21/5 (Ascension weekend) is in full swing and the marketing of this year’s participants will start in March. Feel free to follow Mat runt Gränna on Instagram( and Facebook( to find out about all the food happening around Gränna and the surrounding area.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact project manager Cecilia Hakeberg at

Thank you for a great annual meeting!

Thank you for a great annual meeting!

The 2022 working year in Gränna Näringsliv ended and a new one began on Thursday when the association gathered for the annual meeting at Gränna Kulturgård.The 2022 business year was reported by outgoing chairman Bo Segersson who was also thanked with flowers after several productive years in the association.

Sofia Petersson was elected as the new chairman of Gränna Näringsliv, who now continues to lead the work to develop and support all our members.

Activity report for 2022

Activity report for 2022


In 2022, the Board has consisted of the following members:

Chairman Bo Segersson, Vice Chairman Cecilia Andersson, Secretary Henrik Berggren, Treasurer Jörgen Folkesson, other members Liselott Jarkman, Cecilia Hakeberg and Karin Sjögren.

Alternate Nathalie Carling.

Co-opted: Sven Rydell (Head of Industry and Commerce, Municipality of Jönköping).


So finally, the pandemic has released its grip and we have been able to return to more normal operations. The Board’s work has been constructive and inspiring. During the year, the Board held eight physical meetings.


During the year, there were 57 members, of which 48 were full members, 4 were associations and 7 were supporters.


Like Champagne, Äkta Gränna Polkagrisar now has a protected geographical indication after many years of intensive work in the Polkagris group. All local bakers can now stand tall and feel proud of their craft and profession. The incident had a major media impact.


During the year, GNF’s establishment group continued to work on proposals for a master plan for Gränna, where the focus has been on opening up land for new construction of housing, offices and infrastructure. The group has had continued dialog with project manager Stefan Lind for the master plans and Jönköping’s city architect Bengt Carlsson. The message the Establishment Group has conveyed to the municipality is the importance of the possibility of new construction of more homes and businesses and that a new road/street is built from the southern entrance down to the harbor. Moving the current industrial area up to Jorstorp is also part of the plan. The establishment group has had and will continue to have a dialog/meetings with the municipality’s project manager for the master plan. The group consisted of Anders Roman, Mattias Carlsson, Daniel Alm, Henrik Johansson and Bo Segersson.


During the Ascension weekend, the first real event Mat runt Gränna took place.

Around 30 participants opened their businesses to the public.

The evaluation was very positive from both participants and visitors. Mat runt Gränna, which is a concept with various events, has been financed with participation fees of SEK 33 500 and a grant from the municipality of SEK 163 000. Gränna Näringslivsförening owns the concept and contributes with administration and bookkeeping. In December, Cecilia Hakeberg was elected as the new project manager.



The member group in Gränna näringsliv took a new approach to the association’s autumn meeting and organized a party at Gyllene Uttern. Great company, good food and drink and a turn on the dance floor sum up this pleasant evening that will return in October 2023.


After several years of work to acquire a new Christmas light for Gränna city, a first step has now been completed. The square along Brahegatan has been fitted with a new Christmas lighting installation created exclusively for Gränna. Gränna Näringslivsförening and the municipality have shared the cost, with Gränna Näringslivsförening contributing SEK 50,000.


This year’s Christmas display on 4 December, organized by the city group, was highly appreciated. The town was filled with visitors and people from Gränna shopping for local delicacies, crafts, lottery tickets and other Christmas items. There were many satisfied visitors and exhibitors.

Bo Segersson

Gränna 2023-02-20


Welcome to the Annual Meeting!

Welcome to the Annual Meeting!

A warm welcome to the annual meeting of Gränna Näringslivsförenings 2023.

Date: Wednesday 23 February
Time. At 19.00
Location: The staircase hall at Kulturgården (old Medborgargården) at Gränna torg.

We assume that the meeting will take place in Trappsalen, which is a large room with the possibility of sparse seating. If this is not possible, the meeting will be held digitally.

You can register for the meeting by sending an email to

With kind regards
Gränna Business Association

If you have any questions, please contact Gränna Näringsliv’s membership committee.
Cecilia Andersson
070-497 24 71