Our own work of art

Our own work of art

Support the art project “Balloonists” – Calle Örnemark’s portal to Gränna – by becoming a shareholder.
Together we create a unique symbol of our homeland.


Your input is needed!

For some time now, artist Calle Örnemark’s monumental sculpture “Balloonists” has been on display in the roundabout at the entrance to Gränna. And you couldn’t possibly have missed it. In a very short time, it has become one of the most visible works of art in the country, where, thanks to volunteers and support, it now stands as a gateway to the city. It is a symbol of our region and something we can be proud to have achieved. Now it’s just a matter of securing the sculpture for the future, something we hope many people will want to be involved in.

Gränna Näringslivsförening now offers everyone in the area, private individuals, associations and companies, to buy shares in the artwork to cover the renovation costs but above all to build up a capital to ensure future maintenance of the artwork.

We want the “Balloonists” to become the entire community’s work of art and will therefore sell a total of 1200 shares of SEK 500.
Each purchase results in a share certificate, and purchases of 10 or more shares also give the buyer an inscription on a brass plate next to the artwork.

So take the opportunity to become a shareholder in this unique work of art, while also contributing to future generations being able to experience it. The easiest way to buy your share is to deposit SEK 500 on Gränna Näringsliv’s bank account 5813-1053, which has been set up especially for this purpose. Enter “Balloon” + name and address on the payment. All shareholders will then also be published on Gränna Näringslivsföreningen’s website, grannanaringsliv.se. You can also find more information about the project there.

Welcome as a shareholder!

Georg Svensson, Gränna Business Association
Project manager Rondellballongen


Information on mines from the Knowledge Channel

Information on mines from the Knowledge Channel

Kunskapskanalen broadcasts three of the presentations from the Gränna seminar “Mines in focus”, April 2.

16.50 Journalist and author Arne Müller talks about mining in Sweden.

18.00 Nils Johansson, researcher in environmental technology, talks about Mining and recycling.

18.35 Rolf Hallberg, professor emeritus of microbial geochemistry, talks about the special nature of Lake Vättern.
seabed geology. What does Lake Vättern look like and how was it formed?

Kunskapskanalen broadcasts three of the presentations from the Gränna seminar “Mines in focus” on April 3.

17.05 Olof Holmstrand professor emeritus in hydrogeological environmental engineering, tells what his
research has shown about land at mines.

17.45 Eva-Lotta Thunqvist, PhD in soil and water engineering, explains how mining dams are built.
and which location is best.

18.10 Panel discussion with “Mines in focus”. A panel gives its views on the environmental impact of a
mining project on Lake Vättern.

Information on mines from the Knowledge Channel

Minutes of the annual meeting

MINUTES OF THE ANNUAL MEETING OF GRÄNNA NÄRINGSLIVSFÖRENING Time: 2014-03-10 at 18.30 Place: Smålandsgården, Örserum.

Paragraph 1 The meeting was opened by the Chair, Erik Havemose.

2 Erik Havemose was elected Chairman of the meeting.

3 Ewa Jonsson was elected secretary of the meeting.

4 Erik Havemose and Kent Palm were elected to verify the minutes. 5 a. The timing of the annual meeting was discussed due to the decision at the 2013 annual meeting to revise the statutes. See paragraph “Other”.

b. The invitation to the annual meeting was sent out in good time.

6 The agenda for the annual meeting was adopted.

7 The Board’s annual report and activity report were read out by Erik Havemose. The Board of Directors proposes that the profit for the year be carried forward.

8 The audit report was read out by Lova Roman.

9 The income statement and balance sheet were adopted.

10 The AGM discharged the Board from liability.

11 It was decided that no fee would be paid to the Board.

12 It was decided that the annual fee is unchanged: 200 SEK for companies (1800 deductible service fee), 500 SEK for associations and 200 SEK for supporting members without voting rights.

13 Item 12 of the agenda is deleted.

14 It was decided that the Board shall consist of a maximum of 11 and a minimum of 7 members and a maximum of 6 alternates. Currently, the Board consists of 7 members and 5 alternates.

15 Erik Havemose was elected Chairman of the Board.

16 Election of the board: New election for 2 years Janne Nilsson Peter Samuelsson Jörgen Folkesson New election for 1 year Calle Roman 1 year left Georg Svensson Ewa Jonsson

Election of deputy directors for 1 year each: Lisa Sunesson Carl Wisborg Gisela Karlsson Rod Wiberg Peter Ottosson

17 Election of auditors for 1 year each: Henrik Berggren Lova Roman Election of alternate auditor for 1 year: Sigge Axelsson

18 Håkan Joriksson was elected as a co-opted member.

19 Election of Nomination Committee: New election Sussie Lundell 1 year left Rolf Pettersson 2 years left Kent Palm

20 Other issues a. It was decided according to the annual meeting minutes from 2013 that the annual meeting of Gränna Näringslivsförening should be held before the end of February. b. It was decided that the agenda would be adjusted for the next annual meeting. Paragraph 12 ‘The Board’s proposal for an operational plan and budget’. This is determined at the inaugural board meeting after the annual meeting.

21 Erik Havemose thanked outgoing Board members Caisa Björndahl, Lena Hammarstedt, Sussie Lundell and Caroline Larsson (who were not present) and the Chairman of the Nomination Committee Inger Krantz.

22 The Chair closed the annual meeting. Gränna 2014-03-10

At the pencil Aligned

Ewa Jonsson Erik Havemose Kent Palm

Minutes Annual Meeting 140310 as PDF file

More visitors to Gränna & Visingsö

More visitors to Gränna & Visingsö

A multi-year collaboration between the business associations and Jönköpings-Posten where we jointly work for more visitors to Grevskapet means that we compile all events and that Jönköpings-Posten spreads this through both Hallpressen and Gränna Tidning.

An eventful summer. Many events are underway in Gränna and on Visingsö that will be presented in the spring, and there are many indications that this summer will be the most exciting in many years. It is already clear that Sweden’s humor elite is coming to the Vätter stage with Sunny Standup.

Well-known concepts like Allsång i Gränna Hamn continue, this year with the news that in addition to the national broadcasts, the programs are also broadcast in Swedish Radio Jönköping, Östergötland, Skaraborg, Värmland and West. This brings the program to over a million listeners and puts the county firmly on the map. Allsången is organized by Fest i Grevskapet in cooperation with Sveriges Radio P4.
The business associations encourage their members and other businesses in the area to advertise in Gränna Tidning. Jönköpings-Posten gives back by generously supporting events in Grevskapet that benefit everyone. This is also a long-term and financially secure solution to a problem that has existed for some time.
for several years.

If you have questions about advertising in Gränna Tidning, contact Eva Sandegren at Jönköpings-Posten, tel 0390-61 51 01.