City Group monthly meeting December 5

  • Gränna Näringslivsförening gives the task to Janne Nilsson, 0390 Communications, to compile a letter to the property owners along the eastern side of Brahegatan, asking if there is interest in putting up a spruce on their plot. Gränna Näringslivsförening provides the tree and lights, but the property owner has to put up the tree and pay for the electricity. Håkan Jorikson, Grenna Museum, produces an old picture showing what it used to look like along Brahegatan with all the fir trees, which is attached to the letter. The letter will be distributed to affected property owners before the end of 2014. Jörgen and Jannike Folkesson distribute these letters.
  • Suggestions for next year: on the Saturday evening before the Christmas signage, light up flags along Brahegatan and a hint walk where the questions are in the shop windows. The answer sheet will be handed in during the Christmas display and the winner will also be drawn during the Christmas display. This should not compete with Amongst the Santas and Trolls but be seen as an extension of this event.
  • The City Group decided that the planning of the Christmas signage should start well in advance next year!
  • There was a discussion on social media marketing, such as. Facebook.
  • There was discussion about an online shop, where people come together under a common shop and sell their products. The county shop is one such shop that already exists.
  • It was decided that during these monthly meetings there should always be a secretary who ensures that what is discussed is written down and then emailed to Henrik Berggren.
  • We need to be clearer in assigning who should do what. If you say that the Business Association should fix this and that, it is easy for it to run into the sand.

Ewa Jonsson writes

Good morning everyone!

Yesterday there was a meeting with the City Group. Fortunately, there were quite a few of us
there. The meeting revealed that it is difficult to get commitment for the
to put up Christmas trees along Brahegatan. They used to have 35 spruce trees and now they are
the twelve. A proposal was made that Gränna Näringsliv should contact
property owners along the street and offer them a spruce tree and a string of lights, which
they are allowed to manage, and that property owners take responsibility for ensuring that the spruce
comes up and lights up.

Jörgen Folkesson and I, on behalf of the Confederation, promised to
GNF will help with this. Håkan Joriksson contacts Janne Nilsson
and asks him to produce a small leaflet that can be distributed about this.
Trees play an important role in creating the Christmas spirit during the holiday season.
Advent in Gränna! You can apply for funding for fairy lights and trees from
two different foundations (administered by the local council) and the
The Municipal Development Group.

This may not be this year, but hopefully next year.

Everyone agreed that early planning together with the City Group and the
The GNF Board could make the Christmas market bigger and more attractive.
There is great potential.

Hope this is OK with you all!

Wishing you a pleasant weekend and a nice Christmas market tomorrow in our
glorious Gränna!

Ewa Jonsson